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If your print project requires high quality at high quantities, offset printing could be the perfect solution for you.

Vibrant Colors & Finer Detail with Offset Printing

Offset printing creates crisp, accurate and clean color reproductions at any volume. PXPOHIO uses Stochastic (FM) Screening, a high definition printing process which produces richer, more vibrant color, fine detail, more clarity and sharper images without the rosette dot pattern found in conventional printing.

PXPOHIO’s offset printing process also has the ability to achieve exact matches of spot color by using the Pantone® Matching System of inks, creating an exact match to your brand standards.

Why Offset Printing Will Work For You

The offset printing process is an extremely flexible method that has many advantages. With the ability to print high volumes, your overall costs can be much lower. Offset printing also works well with a variety of sizes and print stocks; all with the highest level of quality. Add the use of special coatings such as varnishes, aqueous or soft-touch and you have the ability to create truly unique and remarkable pieces.

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Production & Delivery

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