Banner Stand Template

Create Eye-Catching banners for all occasions.

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Banner Stand

Template Files

These InDesign® template files contain the setups for our most popular Banner Stand sizes. An 1/8″ bleed is already preset in the page setup. If any of your boxes or images go to the edge of the page, be sure to drag them out to the bleed indicators on all sides of the page (red line). This will allow the edges to trim cleanly without leaving any white lines. For more information on bleeds, see Building a File with Bleeds.

Please leave at least 5″ of non-printing space at the bottom of your layout. This area rolls into the base of the stand. The templates have a 5″ non-printing area as a guide on a separate non-printing layer.

Template Downloads:

33.5″ X 84″ (visible length 78″)

33.5″ X 90″ (visible length 84″)

47.25″ X 84″ (visible length 78″)


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