Creating A Press-Ready PDF from InDesign

Make sure you get your PDF right the first time with these simple steps.

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Creating a Press-Ready PDF from InDesign

Step 1

Choose File > Export from Main Menu.


Step 2

Navigate to where you would like to Save.

Step 3

Choose the Press Quality setting from the Presets as a starting point.

Step 4

Use the following Compression and Compatibility settings.

Step 5

Use the following Marks and Bleeds settings.

Step 6

Use the following Output settings.

Step 7

Use the following Advanced settings.

Step 8

Use the following Security settings.

Step 9

Review your settings and Save a Preset

Step 10

Name your Preset.

Step 11

Choose your Preset.

Next time you are ready to export to PDF, simply choose your Preset, then Export.

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